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Shall We Dick?

Apr. 18, 2000

Watch 3rd Rock from the Sun Online: 5x17

Dick and Mary are getting ready for the annual Rutherford Badger Day Dance Contest, but there’s a small problem – Mary can’t dance. Harry however has teamed up with Nina, but when Dick sees just how good a dancer she is, he orders Harry to let him dance with her instead. Meanwhile, Tommy and Don become exasperated when Alissa and Sally become friends and try on nearly everything in the clothes store. Jealousy arises, however, when Tommy discovers that Sally saw Alissa naked in the changing room, and then Sally discovers that Alissa accidentally walked in on Don changing in the Solomons’ toilet. After Dick (and Nina) win the dance competition, the episode closes with a wordless pas de deux, complete with orchestral accompaniment of George Gershwin’s “He Loves and She Loves”, in a tribute to the final scene of the 1957 film Funny Face starring Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn. A portion of the film’s choreography is re-created by Dick and Mary.

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