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The Big Giant Head Returns Again (2)

May. 23, 2000

Watch 3rd Rock from the Sun Online: 5x22

The Big Giant Head has revealed to Dick that he is his father, and so would like to get to know his girlfriend Mary better; however, Mary gets drunk at the dinner party and reveals that she has slept with over forty men in her lifetime. The Big Giant Head orders Dick to break up with Mary so he decides to run away with her, before Tommy reminds him that Earth children defy their parents all the time. Meanwhile, Vicki invites Harry’s new girlfriend Janice to Tommy’s graduation, where she attempts to kill her from beneath the bleachers; however, Sally quickly realizes what’s going on and rushes to intervene before it is too late. The time comes for Tommy’s speech, but he puts aside talking about his achievements to try to convince Alissa to forgive him.

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