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The Thing That Wouldn't Die (2)

May. 22, 2001

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The Solomons are struggling to take in the news – they have been ordered back home due to Dick’s transgression with Liam. Dick’s first instinct is to ask Mary to come, so he takes her to the planetarium before breaking the news to her that they are leaving, and asking her if she will join them. Meanwhile, since admitting his fear to Sally, Don has decided to quit the police force and open a muffin store, but Sally is disgusted by this career choice and decides to whip Don into shape – and turn him into a hardy police officer. At home, Harry and Tommy are attempting to organize a farewell party for the aliens, but have no money, so they decide to max out their credit cards and not worry about paying the bill, since they’ll be halfway across the galaxy – they even hire Elvis Costello to sing Fly Me to the Moon.

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